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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I decided to start this blog since I a huge advocate of natural beauty and am always giving my sisters and girlfriends (and sometimes my guy friends too!) advice on organic homemade recipes for beauty and skincare problems. My mom was a beauty esthetician and growing up always give my sisters and I advice on how to properly care for our skin. The secret behind natural beauty, that she often told us, lied in having a good foundation-- natural, clear, glowing skin. So I figured, why not share this knowledge with others?
Instead of going to your local drug store or beauty kiosk at a department store to drop your hard earned dollars on products that are full of ingredients that you can't even pronounce, why not do it yourself for a fraction of the cost? It can all be made in the comfort of your kitchen with ingredients right from your fridge and local grocery store.
With all of the pesticides that we put into bodies these days, either through food or pollution in the air, I think it's important for us to take the time to really be aware of what we put on/in our largest organ, our skin. Therefore, I've complied a list of homemade and organic beauty secrets that are not only a better option for your body, but have amazing results (as they've all been tested out by myself and my team of volunteers who have different skin issues), are natural, organic and best of all--are much cheaper any other option. I've also included various secrets that have been used throughout ancient types by several different cultures with healing and natural beautifying powers when turning to harsh chemicals as a quick fix was not an option. But let's be realistic--there are times when we're pressed for time, need a convenient product that we throw in our purse and use it on the go, or simply can't resist picking up a new product that catches our eye while shopping. To combat that problem, I'll also be reviewing organic beauty products produced by "green" health and beauty companies and let you know which ones are PIU ("pick-it-up") worthy and and the PIBOTS ("put-it-back-on-the-shelf") ones that I'd recommend to avoid. I'll also let you know where you can find these products online or in and around Toronto (since I'm from the GTA area).

If you have a particular beauty problem that you would like a solution for, do not hesitate to leave a comment or email me and I will do my best in finding the most organic solution. I hope you enjoy your stay and here's to natural beauty--inside and out! :)


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