Goddess Yogourt Body Mask

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yogourt is pretty much a staple in several homemade beauty recipes. Full of healthy bacteria, this is one of the reasons why it works wonders as a natural cleaner and moisturizer for skin. Mixed with honey (another staple in homemade beauty recipes), the after effects of this body mask are amazing! This recipe is completed with an unlikely ingredient (I call it an "undercover" ingredient--widely unknown of its powerful beautifying effects) ..CARROTS! Yup, carrots are known to be good for your eyesight but they're always very good for your skin, giving it a healthy glow and smoothness. When used on the skin, it helps in removing acne and unattractive marks and spots. And no, it will not turn your skin orange! (I tested this myself!). I especially like this body mask as it leaves your skin with a beautiful touch and definitely helps me relax during my stress days. Try it on your body and face for a goddess glow!

Goddess Yogourt Body Mask
1/4 cup of yogourt (I prefer using full fat yogourt)
3 tablespoons of honey
3 tablespoons of pureed carrots

Blend carrots (avoid using baby carrots that you can find pre-washed in convenient bags as I've heard they have some preservative chemicals in them--have you ever noticed how they turn white after a few days??) in a blender until they are pureed and you have enough for three tablespoons (I used about 4 large sized carrots and had enough for the receipe and some left over which I plan on using for the next time I use this body mask--I just kept in a ziploc bag in my fridge, so it's more convenient and ready to go the next time I need a quick body mask). Next, mix your carrots with your honey and yogourt. I prefer to use the full fat yogourt just so the recipe is rich. As for honey, I was lucky enough to find a lady on the outskirts of Toronto who had a bee farm and was able to buy organic honey which I love and highly recommend if you're able to do so (this is much easier to do in the summer than winter of course). However, for convenience, using store bought honey will also be fine. Draw a warm bath and wrap your body and face in this lovely mask as the water fills your tub. Light some candles, put on a little jazz music or grab your favourite mystery novel and then sink into your bath for about 20 minutes. Then rinse off and check out your goddess glow!


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